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Trojan infects Windows Mobiles

3D Anti Terrorist Action
3D Anti Terrorist Action

3D_Anti-Terrorist_ActionInternet security company CA says that smartphones using the Windows Mobile operating system are being targeted by a malicious new Trojan dialler. The Windows Mobile game 3D Anti-Terrorist Action contains a Trojan dialler that has infected smartphones all over the world, racking up expensive phone bills for those affected.

“Trojan diallers are not a new threat but they are becoming a common and more frequent phenomenon on mobile phones,” said Rossano Ferraris on the CA Community blog.

“A Windows Mobile game containing the Trojan dialler has infected smartphones resulting in expensive international calls made without the consent of the user.”

The malicious 3D Anti-Terrorist Action game is manufactured by Beijing Huike Technology in China.

After being downloaded, the installer uses the file name antiterrorist3d.cab or codeckpack.cab.

In an example on the blog, Ferraris showed the malicious process smart32.exe which is installed along with the game.

CA suggests killing the smart32.exe process that’s running on the Windows Mobile operating system, installing process-management software to search for the malicious one and removing it from the system directory.