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Find a 3D pub thanks to Sky

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sky_logoIf you are looking forward to sitting in a pub wearing funny glasses while a television shows overpaid nonces kick a pigs bladder, then you may well want to know where the big match is.

Satellite TV company Sky, which is launching its 3D TV service this weekend, has launched its pub search site so punters can find out where there favourite team is playing in glorious 3D.

Footie fans can punch their postcodes into Sky’s database to find out which boozer has the right TV and glasses available to enjoy the spectacle.

The first match to be broadcast this way will be between the two biggest clubs in the Premier League, Manchester United and Chelsea. The game begins midday.

Already, around thousands pubs have signed up for the service with more to come in the following months.

Sky is hoping to broadcast around five such Premier League games before the season finishes on 9 May. It will also show the Coca-Cola Football League play-off at the end of May.