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Social networks play on Cello

Cello iviewer webtv
Cello iviewer webtv

Cello_iviewer_webtvCello Electronics has upgraded its iViewer TV to include direct access to the Facebook and Twitter social networks. The British LCD TV company said it was “the first of many exciting developments planned for the TV this year.”

The service will be available from April and existing sets will automatically be updated to receive the new applications.

“Using just the remote control, iViewer owners will be able to access both Facebook and Twitter to read messages, get updates and catch up on what their peers are up to,” a Cello spokesman said.

From that description, it sounds as if replying to messages isn’t currently an option.

The iViewer connects to the internet directly using the supplied Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi dongle (optional extra) and can also be used to access a person’s home computer to stream additional online content.

Cello’s iViewer TV includes digital freeview channels and two HDMI sockets. It’s available as a 26-inch HD Ready model or a 32-inch 1080p Full HD model.

Both sets are currently available exclusively from Marks & Spencers, with the 26-inch model costing £399 and the 32-inch model priced at £499.

However, both sets will also be available in other retailers from June onwards.