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LG to launch 3D TV and Blu-ray

lg 3d television
lg 3d television

If you loved Avatar in 3D at the cinema, then you may be somewhat please to get the chance to watch Come Dine With Me with an added dimension (and boy could it do with one). LG is the latest company to bring out 3D equipment to the nation’s home.

The company unveiled its flagship 47in and 55in LX9900 LED backlit ‘3D Ready’ TVs and the BX580 Blu-ray player which play 3D discs.

The TV can display the two 3D images in full 1080p to get that 3D effect. Of course you will have to wear glasses to see this. Motion blur is vanquished with company’s 400Hz ‘TruMotion’ technology. For us mere mortals you can also get built-in FreeView HD, a massive eye-non-watering 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio as well as Bluetooth, USB and four HDMI 1.4 ports.

The telly is also as fine as the choice of good programme content on ITV at a slim 31.6mm. It is internet-enabled with widgets such as YouTube, Accu Weather and Picasa.

The BX580 also sports HDMI 1.4 connectivity, wireless connectivity, HDD playback via USB, Gracenote music recognition and Netcast.

No pricing details but you can expect to pay a premium for being first with the 3D and also those 3D glasses will set you back a pretty penny (as well as making you look slightly stupid).