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Mini adventure for LG

LG mini touchscreen phone GD880
LG mini touchscreen phone GD880

LG_mini_touchscreen_phone_GD880Ever since The Italian Job we’ve wanted a Mini. Ever since the news this morning, we’ve changed our dream slightly – now we want the Mini mobile phone from LG.

It may be small, but LG said the touchscreen phone hasn’t sacrificed “trendsetting design and superb connectivity”.

“The LG Mini [aka The LG GD880] is the smallest and slimmest 3.2-inch full touchscreen phone on the market today,” an LG suit promised.

LG says it developed the Mini in response to specific requests from consumers who were unhappy with current full touchscreen phones.

“They are too bulky, too clunky and too expensive,” said Skott Ahn, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

“The easily pocketable LG Mini delivers great looks at a reasonable price, with the trendy features that people want.”

Features – trendy or not – included on the device are:
* Textured metal accents on the sides
* 3.2-inch touchscreen extends all the way to the edge of the phone
* 16:9 aspect ratio
* Push email
* Built-in applications for Facebook and Twitter
* Social Network Feed for automatic updates of friends and family members on the home screen
* Updates also appear next to each contact in the Social Address Book.
* 5-megapixel camera featuring advanced face detection
* One-step uploading of pictures and videos to multiple social networks
* FM radio.
* HSDPA connectivity at 7.2Mbps
* Wi-Fi
* Location information using A-GPS.

The LG Mini will be available in the UK in April with price and full specs to be confirmed nearer the time.