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Sony Ericsson admits the Aino is broken

sony ericsson aino
sony ericsson aino
sony_ericsson_ainoSony Ericsson has held its hands up and admitted that the new Aino touchscreen phone is, essentially, broken.  The touchscreen is the problem, and since the whole phone is controlled by the touchscreen, well…

According to a spokesperson, “Aino has sold in limited numbers in the UK, so this issue affects only a very small number of customers.”  We’re not entirely sure if this means imported Ainos are fine, but basically if you’ve bought one in Britain it’s going to be slightly less useful than that chocolate fireguard you splashed out on.
Sony Ericsson has said, “We are working as quickly as possible to solve [the problem].”  Between this and the reports of the Satio being “buggy” getting to the point where Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4 U have stopped selling the phone, it’s not the company’s best week…