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Warner On Demand hits phones/PCs

warner bros Home video logo
warner bros Home video logo

warner_bros_Home_video_logoWarner Bros is bringing its Warner On Demand service to Japan, in the hope that it’ll “deepen its understanding of consumers’ movie and TV series preferences, building a direct relationship with them.” It’ll also offer a nifty feature that lets you swap between watching on your mobile and your PC.

“Another key feature of the service is Japan (and the world’s) first ever ‘seamless re-screening’ function between mobile phones and PCs. Consumers will be able to purchase a film on a Video-on-Demand basis and if they stop the film in the middle on their PC, they can continue watching from the same point on their mobile phone. The reverse will also be possible,” the official announcement said.

The Warner On Demand website will offer two services:
* Japanese consumers can rent or buy Warner Bros. films and TV series for the first time ever directly from the Studio via VOD (video-on-demand)
* Or consumers can download-to-own (“Electronic Sell-Through”) on their PCs and mobile phones.

The service will be available in Japan at the end of November 2009 and users will receive regular news and updates from the studio – including the chance to participate in special promotions and sweepstakes. 

Content can be downloaded or bought using points purchased in the same way as with the Nintendo Wii.