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Tweet yourself thin

Twitter 6
Twitter 6

Twitter-6Twitter seems to be more than just a way of telling your friends what you are doing now you can tell them what you are eating and get shamed into losing weight – fatty!

Tweet What You Eat is kind of a diary of deliciousness, where you write down everything that you eat, and calorie counts are provided. The idea being that all your so-called friends laugh at you for polishing off an entire tube of Pringles in an hour, and you’re so embarrassed that you start to eat more healthily.

The service uses CrowdCal, a user-driven calorie database, and as such isn’t guaranteed to be accurate. However, roll out the obligatory celebrity results to prove it can work – Matt Lucas apparently lost half a stone in two weeks, and Lord High Twitter God Stephen Fry is reported to have dropped six stone in as many months. So maybe sitting at your computer can help you be healthy.

You can follow us on Twitter too (although we aren’t losing any weight).