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Entertainment Weekly debuts Potter-style ads

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cbs_logo_goldForget the scares of a Friday the 13th, with today’s news you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s Friday 1 April today! That’s because – along with a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak being in the works – there’s a move to include Harry Potter-style moving pictures in a magazine in the US!

The idea will be included in thousands of copies of Entertainment Weekly, which will show a video advert in the mid-September issue. If you’re in New York and Los Angeles, that is…

The technology has been developed by Los-Angeles-based Americhip and works a little bit like greeting cards that play sounds when opened – with the videos playing when their page in the magazine is turned.

Americhip’s screens are 2.7mm thick with a diagonal width of 5cm and mini-speakers to playback the sound.

Marketing chief George Schweitzer from US TV network CBS said his company was paying to insert the wafer-thin videoscreens into the magazine to promote its new Fall season of programmes.

The mini-screens will also show an advert for Pepsi, which is paying towards the costs of the promotion.