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Kensington updates the trackball

kensington slimblade trackball
kensington slimblade trackball

kensington_slimblade_trackball.jpg“It’s time to rethink what a trackball means to you,” Kensington tells us. The company is probably right, because all a trackball means to us is playing Missile Command. So, what does the Kensington SlimBlade TrackBall bring to the party?

Apparently, the “breakthrough design” combines hardware and software into one integrated interface for “smooth operation” allowing users, “for the first time ever”, to navigate and manipulate digital content through the ball itself.

“With all functionality now integrated into the ball, users can control all the many interface functions that support navigation, media control adjustments, document and photo browsing with the rotation of the ball,” a Kensington statement says.

“The SlimBlade Trackball enables a relaxed and comfortable user experience, without the need of a wrist pad.”

Kensington said the product’s low profile stationary design and ruby-red ball sitting atop a “sleek” gunmetal gray base is “visually striking and takes up minimal desk space.”

Kensington’s range of trackballs uses a rotary ring around the ball, which negates the need to scroll to the navigation pane in order to scroll a page up and down. That allows for fast and accurate scrolling, while the trackball maintains curser positioning responsibilities.

However, Kensington says the SlimBlade goes even further. “If a user can scroll up and down via the ScrollRing, why not zoom in and out or increase or decrease volume?”

The SlimBlade Trackball has a recommended retail price of £99.

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