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Tesco stocks S1 tough phone

sonim land rover s1
sonim land rover s1

sonim_land_rover_s1.jpgPhones might be getting knackered on holiday, but Tesco thinks it has the answer. That’s because the new, virtually indestructible Land Rover S1 phone by Sonim will only be available on the high street at Tesco stores.

“It’s the first phone in the world to be as tough as a Land Rover and is the world’s only IP67 military-rated GSM mobile phone – making it resistant to humidity, dust, shock, salt and heat,” said Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms.

“Add to that water resistance, the ability to survive drops onto concrete, extreme temperatures and even resistance against drops into the nastiness of public toilet bowls and you have the most resilient phone in the world!”

The Land Rover S1 by Sonim also includes:
* Extra long battery life – up to 1500h standby
* Durable keyboard tested to 500,000 pushes
* Drop resistant: Rated for 2m drops to concrete from any angle
* Temperature resistant: -20°C to +55°C
* The ability to withstand up to 1000kg of pressure
* Extra loud speakers – 110dB
* 2-megapixel waterproof camera with built-in flash
* Assisted GPS
* FM radio
* 2GB memory slot
* J2ME Java for mobile
* WAP browsing through built-in Opera Mini WAP browser
* Bluetooth
* An unconditional, three-year warranty

Sonim’s Land Rover S1 is available at Tesco now now for £249.99 with the SIM unlocked, or from £25 a month on a mobile contract.