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Holiday havoc for mobile phones

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tesco_mobile_logo.jpg“Our research shows that summer holidays can be holidays from hell for mobile phones,” says Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms. Apparently, one third of all young people return from their summer vacation without a working phone. So what are Britain’s mobile mashers doing wrong?

Well, the worst offenders are aged 16-24, with one in seven of them admitting to losing at least three phones (three!) in the last three years alone.

Dropping it on the floor and down the loo are the top mobile killers for holidaymakers, with one serial mobile masher from Tesco Telecoms’s research admitting to their phone being flattened by an elephant.

The top five mobile misdemeanours include: 
* Butterfingered bloomers, dropping it on the floor and down the bog
* Water wreckage, from swimming pools, the sea and sticking it in the washing machine 
* Car clangers, with forgetful mashers driving off with their phone on the car bonnet
* DIY disasters, including mixing mobiles with wallpaper paste
* Naughty pets getting hold of it

Europe also offers the worst holiday havoc hotspots, with France and Spain killing more phones than anywhere else.

The research for Tesco was carried out online by Opinion Matters and Tickbox.net in May and questioned a nationally representative sample of 1,769 UK adults aged 16 and older.