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T-Mobile myTouch 3G goes pre-order

htc magic white
htc magic white

htc_magic_white.jpgIn another journalistic life we monitor the DVD market pretty closely. Now there’s an industry that knows all about the power of pre-orders. And it seems that the mobile phone big boys have definitely caught on to the practice, as T-Mobile proves again in the US…

Yes, it seems anyone wanting to get their fat fingers on the 3G version of T-Mobile’s myTouch – which we think is Magic – stands a much better chance if they’re already T-Mobile customer.

“T-Mobile USA announced today the beginning of its special pre-sale program for existing customers who want to be among the first to get their hands on the much-anticipated T-Mobile myTouch 3G,” the official statement said.

“Beginning today, current T-Mobile customers can visit www.t-mobilemytouch.com to order the company’s latest Android-powered device, and be the first to put their own personal touch on myTouch 3G.”

Here’s some phone porn to tempt you into getting into bed with T-Mobile… [Naughty – Ed]


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