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Ebay fights brand power

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ebay_logo.jpgSome naughty people sell fake branded goods on Ebay. And the brands don’t like it. Now those companies have asked Europe to ban the sale of any of their goods anywhere online! But Ebay is fighting back. With a petition…

“Ebay was built on a simple idea,” says an official statement from the company, which claims it is only trying to empower people by building a global trading platform where practically anyone can buy or sell practically anything.

“But that idea is now under threat from certain brand owners and manufacturers who are trying to turn back the clock and block the sale of their products on online marketplaces and other websites across the EU.”
The statement says that ultimately what is at stake is the right of sellers to compete fairly in the wider online marketplace, and the right of buyers to be able to access the best possible deals from the widest possible selection of goods.

“Some of these brand owners argue that their objective is to prevent the sale of counterfeits on Ebay,” Ebay continues. 

“But thanks to our work with 31,000 other rights owners, only 0.15 per cent of listings last year were detected or reported as potentially counterfeit.”

“The real aim of these brands is to block the sale of all their products on our site – regardless of whether such items are new or second-hand, genuine or fake.

Ebay’s call to arms says that if we want to prevent other brand owners from following suit, we need to act now.
“We are therefore calling on European policymakers to amend EU competition law to stop these unfair trade practices,” the statement says. “But we need your help to persuade them to take action. If you would like to join our campaign against online trade barriers, please sign our petition.”