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3 cuts EU data roaming costs

3 x series msn
3 x series msn

3_x-series_msn.jpgFrom 1 July 2009 (Wednesday to you and I), all European mobile operators will be obliged to comply with EU regulation regarding international roaming. But from tomorrow (Tuesday to you and I) 3 says it will offer the lowest standard data roaming in the EU of any British operator.

Under the new rules:
* The price of making a mobile call while travelling in the EU will go down to €0.43 per min from €0.46.
* The cost of receiving a call will drop from €0.22 to €0.19.
* Sending a text will cost a maximum of €0.11.
* The wholesale cost of data used while in the EU will be capped at €1 per MB.

3 said it was bringing its prices in well below the cap outlined by the new European regulation, with anyone using a dongle or browsing the internet using their phone paying just £1.25 per MB of data.

Calls to the UK and to other EU countries from the EU cost 34p per minute, while texts to the UK and other EU countries will cost 11p. Calls cost 15p per minute to receive, and receiving texts is free.

"This is not a time-limited promotional offer: these deals are open to all customers, whether you’re on contract or Pay As You Go with no need to opt in," a 3 spokeswoman said. 

"Whether you’re headed for the Algarve in July, hitting the Alps in November, or taking a city break in March, all 3 customers can expect consistent, simple pricing 12 months of the year."

Also from the 1st of July, 3 UK customers who roam onto 3’s sister network in the Republic of Ireland will receive a special 10p rate.

Calls to any standard UK landline or mobile will cost 10p per minute, texts are 10p each and data will be charged at 10p