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HTC Magic in shops today

htc magic white
htc magic white

HTC Magic Android touch-screen mobile phone handset Got £35 a month for the next two years? Then you could bag yourself a HTC Magic phone, which is released exclusively on the Vodafone network today.

The package includes unlimited mobile internet use (subject to a fair usage policy of 500MB per month), 600 minutes and unlimited texts. The phone will also come with a 2GB memory card.

The white HTC Magic uses Google’s Android software and having had a play with one earlier this week it’s a doddle to get to grips with.

The 3.2-inch QVGA touchscreen is responsive to finger presses (but not our trusty thumbnail) and apps can be installed and moved around very easily to personalise it for your use.

A QWERTY keyboard using predictive text can be popped up onscreen and the phone has the ability to cut and paste.

There are also six hard buttons for navigation, volume control, a call/hang up key, home button, menu button, and quick ‘Search’ key.

It also features stereo Bluetooth for audio and an accelerometer to change from portrait to landscape view.

The HTC Magic includes a variety of email options such as Google Mail, POP3 and IMAP as well as Google Talk for instant messaging.

Other features include:
* Synchronisation with Google Calendar and contacts
* Google Maps with Street View for satellite view, traffic views and Google Latitude making it easier to stay in touch with friends
* 500MB internal memory, with capacity for a 8GB external memory
* Removable battery
* Quad-band GSM, dual-band UMTS, HSDPA/HSUPA, Wi-fi, GPS
* 3.2-megapixel camera.