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Sony shrinks full HD camcorder

sony handycam hdr tg7ve
sony handycam hdr tg7ve

Sony Handycam HDR-TG7VE“It’s ultra-compact, light and beautifully styled, it’s always with you.” Well, it might as well be everywhere you go since it’s the world’s smallest, lightest Full HD camcorder (among 1,920 x 1,080 AVCHD Full HD Camcorders, according to Sony research). Say hello to the new Sony Handycam HDR-TG7VE.

Even smaller and slimmer than its predecessor, the new Handycam HDR-TG7VE from Sony is packed with even more features, such as GPS and greater internal memory (16GB).

However, the price isn’t quite that small – with some reports putting it at around £800 based on the Japanese price.

Quick stats include:
* 6-hour Full HD recording on 16 GB internal memory (which can be increased with an optional Memory Stick)
* Light, ultra-compact design with tough titanium body
* Automatic geotagging with GPS and Map Index view
* Simple controls and quick start-up.

“There’s a sensitive GPS receiver inside that plots your location as you travel,” a Sony spokesman explains.

“After shooting, Map Index shows where clips and still photos were taken as ‘map pins’ on the LCD screen. You can also retrace your journey when you’re back home, with exciting on-line maps displayed on your PC using the supplied Picture Motion Browser software.”
The Handycam HDR-TG7VE Full HD Memory Stick Handycam will be available from May 2009, price to be confirmed.