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TomTom guides UK drivers through snow

tomtom go 910
tomtom go 910

TomTom guides UK drivers through snowThe weather outside is
frightful, so why go out? If you are then TomTom reckons its Sat Nav will get
you home and hopefully not stuck in some ditch.

The satnav
company said it managed to help drivers keep away from traffic jams
this morning from the piles of snow that have decended on the country
over the last few hours and caused chaos on the roads.

The HD
Traffic Systems, which is part of the device, forecasts the speed of
traffic ahead using live information obtained from Vodafone mobiles. It
said that about 1,086 miles of jams had been reported at aound 8.30am
this morning.

A 32-mile long queue was reported at 7.30am on the
M25 between junction 19 and junction 8, making it the world’s largest
car park, making it the biggest jam in the country.

Google Maps also showed a the southern section of the M25 grinding to a halt with the A3 joining in on the jam-based inaction.

On the trains it wasn’t much better, with most of the underground shut, many had looked on the National Rail Enquiries website, which then promptly crashed. Luckily it is back up now.

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