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New Sony TV is thinner than a piece of toast



Now it’s
just getting silly. Sony’s new TV, the Bravia ZX1, is the
thinnest LCD telly ever at just 9.9mm thick – skinnier than a
bit of burnt toast.

sense-defying slimness was achieved by using LED on the model’s
side, rather than the back.

In the
world of more normal TV specs, the ZX1 has a 40" screen and a
100Hz frame rate. It uses Sony’s blur-reduction tech for a
nice clear image and has an HDMI port.

Buying it,
though, will cause your wallet to shrink to similar dimensions –
£2929 of your sterling.

JVC, Samsung, Phillips and the like are all planning to launch even
thinner TVs soon. We look forward to the model that’s so thin
it reaches into minus numbers, causing a tiny tear in the fabric of
reality itself. It’ll be fun.

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