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CES 2009: Cutest iPod docks ever?

Lanchiya iPod docks ghost and pig

Lanchiya iPod docks ghost and pigiPod docks come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some seriously adorable ones on show at CES. We put two of them head to head in a cute brawl to the death…


These portable units in the shape of pigs, ghosts and even flower pots sound good and are as cute as a storeroom full of buttons.




The ears on the pigs are used to change volume and they have a two-hour battery life so you can carry ‘em with you.


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Weighing in in the red corner are the iMin set of iPod docks.

These are fashioned to look like fluffy pink bears, Kermit the Frog and even President Elect Barrack Obama.

And the winner is…

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After an intense round of cutesy punching we have to give the bout to the iMins.

The fact that they dance along to the tunes that are playing outcutes even the flowerpot version in Lanchiya’s range.



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