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CES 2009: Joctech joins projection party

joctech maxvision mini projectors
joctech maxvision mini projectors

Joctech MaxvisiOn mini media player projectors Want to outdo the guy with the super-swanky portable DVD player? Getting one of the new range of mini projectors should do the trick. And Joctech is joining the party with its MaxvisiOn range.

The handheld media players come in two flavours, kicking out either 10 lumens worth of light shows or 30 lumens for a brighter image.

The devices have no other outlets, so make sure you have a suitable surface to bounce the images off.

They hold 4GB of data, which is around four movies or 10-12 TV episodes (depending on the quality, natch).

The 10-lumen MaxvisiOn mini projector sells for $199, while its 30-lumen brother will set you back $249.


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