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CES 2009: Windows 7 crashes Microsoft website

windows7 1
windows7 1

windows7-1.jpgIt seems that anything must be better than the much-derided Windows
Vista. Its successor Windows 7 has been so popular that its beta
download has crashed Microsoft’s servers.

In his CES keynote speech, Micrsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the new
operating system would be made available to the general public today.
That in turn has led to the Redmond giant’s webserver suffering under
the strain of an eager public desparate to see the back end of the
hated bloatware successor to Windows XP.

While major releases bring about spikes of traffic, it is highly
unusual for a new piece of software to bring a website to a grinding
halt, as Windows 7 beta managed to do briefly this morning.

Experts believe that Windows 7 could be the last throw of the dice for
Microsoft, should this OS fail it could spell the end for Windows
dominance of the desktop.

Link: Windows 7 beta download

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