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CES 2009: SanDisk revives the radio star

sandisk sansa slot radio
sandisk sansa slot radio

SanDisk Sansa Slot RadioApparently, video killed the radio star. But SanDisk has those electrically-charged paddles in its hands and is about to jolt the corpse back to life with an interesting little player.

The Sansa Slot Radio is for “the forgotten music lover”, according to the PR guy we spoke to.

It seems today’s download culture has left a generation behind that can’t be bothered to buy songs online and transfer them to their player. So SanDisk has got together with the music labels to bundle 1,000 songs on a microSD card.

These are set in six different genres. Reach a song you don’t like? Change the genre, a bit like retuning the radio when you want to listen to something different (although if you just want to skip that song you can do that too).

The device even has an FM tuner so you can actually listen to the radio.

And at $99 for the player and the 1,000 songs, it’ll make a great pressie for the olds when it’s birthday time. 


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