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CES 2009: Samsung and Cinemin set projection free


“Projection technology is no longer trapped in boardrooms and theatres,” says the blurb for Cinemin’s line of mini projection kit. And with Samsung also touting its own tiny handheld model, we have to agree…

First up is the Cinemin Stick, which to carry on the foodie theme of the name comes in two flavours.

The Cinemin Stick compact micro projector features internal memory and an expandable SD card memory slot that puts your web videos, digicam snapshots, ambient animations and more on display.

Meanwhile, the Cinemin Swivel is a lightweight micro projector that is roughly the size of a candy bar and features a three-hour battery life for movie watching, full volume control, and a unique adjustable 90-degree hinge for ceiling projection.

The Cinemin Swivel will be here first, selling for approximately $299 in early Q2, while the Cinemin Stick will cost approximately $349 at the end of 2009.

Samsung’s MBP200 projector is similar, looking a lot like a mobile phone.

The device is built by Texas Instruments and includes basic playback controls but has a very watchable projected picture (as witnessed by our own eyes).

No word on pricing or release yet.


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