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CES 2009: LG has one off the wrist

lg phone watch
lg phone watch

LG quadband GSM wrist watch mobile phoneLG is better known for making those yummy Chocolate phones that look nicer than they taste (euuugghhhh, crunchy). But the company’s latest chatbox isn’t going to fill you up between meals – although it could tell you when it’s time to eat.

Yes, the latest LG blabber box is also a timepiece.

We got a quick look at the wristwatch at CES (the PR guy allowed us to take a photo as he demonstrated it for us, but was not going to remove it from his wrist for a second).

Don’t worry, though. You only have to wait until April-June to get your mitts on one – even if we don’t know how much that’ll cost you yet.

So, how does it work? Well, it’s a quad band GSM phone that has a speaker built in so you can chat directly into it.

Alternatively you can yak in stereo or mono using a Bluetooth headset.

To switch between function, simply run your finger over the touchscreen a bit like you would with a HTC phone.

We’re not psychic, but we expect these to be extremely popular when they finally hit the shelves.


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