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Apple’s new blingtastic $2.5 million iPhone

expensive iphone
expensive iphone

If you thought that the reassuringly expensive Apple iPhone wasn’t,
well, reassuringly expensive enough for you, then get this blinged-up
iPhone that’s 18 carat gold plated and encrusted with diamonds. Yours
for just $2,517,345 (£1.6m).

The customer job smartphone was designed by Austrian jeweller Peter Aloisson. The handset is lined with white gold and has 138 diamonds encrusted around the rim.

It also has the phone’s home button sporting a rare 6.6 carat diamond, called the "Kings Button".

Aloisson started his phone bling business in 1998 with his first
diamond encrusted mobile phone and last year made a $1.3 million phone
for a Russian encryption company JSC Ancort.

We now look forward to a bling Blackberry Storm, Google Android and Nokia N97.

Of course with an iPhone this expensive you would need an iPhone screen protector
to keep it free of scratches.

Link: Peter Aloisson

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