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CES 2009: Griffin fires out more iPod accessories

Grifi Tuneflex Aux

Grifi Tuneflex AuxGet used to it, the iPod is going nowhere. And Griffin has taken advantage of its continued popularity to fire out some new accessories for the ubiquitous music player.


The Griffin Navigate is an FM tuner that works with the iPod Touch and iPhone to help you get your radio fix. Wait around till March and it’ll be backed up by the iFM app to help you find the best stations.




Meanwhile, the Griffin TuneJuice is exactly what it sounds like – a basic charger that houses four AAA batteries to give your device’s battery a leg up.



The PowerJolt is similar, only for car lovers. Plug this fella into your cigarette lighter port and it’ll juice up your iPod.

Been there, done that you’re probably thinking? Well the PowerJolt also charges up a removeable battery so you can keep those songs playing even when you’re away from the car.

Our personal favourite, having driven more than 10,000 miles in the past two months, is the TuneFlex Aux.

This device attaches to your steering wheel so you can control your iPod without taking your eyes of the crazed freeway drivers around you.


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