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How to unlock your Google Android G1 smartphone

android g1 b
android g1 b

android_g1_b.jpgApparently some people out on the internet want to charge you $20 for
the privilege of unlocking your T-Mobile G1 smartphone running the
semi-desirable Google Android mobile OS. Thankfully some people have
thoughtfully produced a video to show you how to unlock the G1 without
spending any money and it’s dead simple!

The trick in the video below is to email customer services and ask for
an unlock code. And if they are kind enough, this won’t be too much
trouble for them to email back with the necessary details so you can
ditch T-Mobile for another network provider.

It’s so simple we wonder why it’s taken so long.

{moseasymedia media=http://uk.youtube.com/watch/v/3lsHs4MnL5w}

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