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iPhone gets algebraic on your ass


MathomaticGot an iPhone (or iPod Touch)? Got maths problems? Then Gotow.net has an app for you.

According to the creators Mathomatic is the first "full-fledged symbolic math solution" for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

More than just a calculator, it solves algebraic problems, from simple middle-school homework to complex polynomial and multivariate systems.

"Fine tuned for the iPhone, it sports an attractive, easy-to-use interface," the press release claims.

"After a few days, you’ll find yourself trying to tap through the output on your graphing calculator."

Users can scroll through recent output, tap expressions to select and re-use them, and ‘flick’ through long inputs.

Mathomatic can solve systems of equations, showing intermediate steps and all possible solutions.

"It simplifies and factors expressions, computes derivatives, indefinite integrals, laplace transforms, taylor series expansions, and more!" says the getting-slightly-too-excited press release.

"Imaginary numbers are fully supported, and complex expressions are beautifully formatted, much like the output of high-end desktop mathematics applications."

The app costs $1.99 (approx £1.40), and is available now on the iTunes App Store.




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