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Westin struck by Y2K+9

Westin hotels resorts logo
Westin hotels resorts logo

Westin_hotels_resorts_logoThat whole Y2K thing – with computer systems not understanding the year 2000 and thinking it’s 1900 again – seems soooo last millennium. But it appears the Westin hotel in San Francisco is a latecomer to the New Years Eve party…

On checking out, your Absolute Gadget team was hit by a bill that suggested we may have been staying in a room far grander and far more expensive than we first thought.

“We’ve been having some problems with the computer system,” the receptionist told us at checkout.

“It’s been automatically jumping to the highest rate for the room for dates in 2009.”

Thankfully the computer’s hangover was easier to rectify than the one AG woke up with yesterday.