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BMI trials in-flight email and texting service

bmi plane take off
bmi plane take off

paying way over the odds for making a satellite phone call on an
airplane is nothing new, bmi has become the first British airline to
offer passengers the ability to email and send texts in-flight.

The service to being trialled on bmi’s Airbus A320 running between Heathrow and Moscow.

trail should last six months and is beig supplied by in-flight
communications company OnAir. The trail was given regulatory approval
by Ofcom.

The service will allow passengers to send and recieve email and texts to friends and family while airbourne.

Spencer, managing director of bmi, said the service "opens up an
exciting new era of travellers being able to stay in touch
by text message and email whilst in the air."

"Our research tells us that our business passengers in particular
have two key concerns – getting through the airport quickly and being
able to carry on working during their journey, so we’re confident that
many will warmly welcome this service," he said.

Unlike a similar service offered by Ryanair,
this service won’t be providing voice calls. Feedback from the trial
will determine if the serivce is rolled out across the fleet.