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Philips unveils really thin Essence LCD TV

philips essence
philips essence

We are thankful that while televisions are growing in size they are
actually getting lighter (lugging big tellies is one sure way you can
damage you back). Philips is continuing the trend with its latest, and
possibly thinnest, LCD TV.

The new Essence 42PES0001 is heavy,
however, on price at £1999. But the 16kg, 38mm thick display has a 2ms
response time and a 100Hz refresh rate for sharper pictures.

contrast ratio is an amazing 66,000:1 and is 15kg lighter than its own
BDL4221V 42 inch LCD, so should be easily mountable on a wall without
tons of plaster falling off.

There is also two 15W speakers in a
detachable bar and around the back are three HDMI ports. There is also
a a single cable (which includes power) between the connectivity hub
and screen, so reducing clutter.

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