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One small text for man

virgin mobile sim
virgin mobile sim

virgin_mobile_sim.jpgEver feel
that your declarations of love just aren’t grandiose enough?
Well then, it’s time to start letting Neptunians know that JON
HEARTS KATE 4EVA, thanks to Virgin Mobile’s gloriously bonkers
new Texts Into Space service.

The mobile
company has teamed up with a satellite station in Cornwall and
SentForever.com to allow text messages to be zapped through the
cosmos for eternity. The text costs £9.95, and you’ll
get a Certificate of Transmission confirming the ode, with details of
how to track the message via the website as it beams through the

Mobile spokesman Tim Dowling said, "We are quite literally over
the moon at the thought of millions of wishes and messages of love
being texted into space." SentForever.com’s MD,
Stephanie Baillache, added, "We are delighted to be working
with a leading telecoms organisation such as Virgin Mobile. The
collaboration of these two innovative brands will ensure our exciting
service reaches a much wider audience."

hope no-one uses it to provoke aliens into an intergalactic war, eh?