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Britons leading the way for digital tech consumption

ofcom office of communication 1
ofcom office of communication 1

ofcom-office-of-communication.gifTea shops,
Shakespeare, erm, fibre optics…Just some of things that make us
British. In case you didn’t know, the land of the bard and the leaf is
also the land of tech. British people are embracing
digital technology faster than any other country on earth.

International Communications Market Report
has revealed that Britons
have more digital TVs and recorders per head than any other country,
as well as the most HD sets. We’re second in the world when it
comes to web-surfing (the U.S. won that one, unsurprisingly); half
our net users have signed up to one or more networking sites and Brits spend 839 minutes a week online (reading our online publication).

lurve watching TV online, coming second (again, the U.S. hit the top
spot there); and we’ve joined the Scandinavians in 100 per cent mobile
phone saturation (i.e. there are more subscriptions in the UK than
there are people).

We here at
Absolute Gadget are hoping that this high level of tech-love means
the UK will be spared in the Great Robot Uprising of 2037. And no,
we can’t tell you how we know about that…

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