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Nokia XpressMusic range welcomes two new handsets

nokia 5220 xpressmusic
nokia 5220 xpressmusic

Nokia 5220 XpressMusicIf you fancy a music phone, find yourself on a bit of a budget and can hang about till the final three months of the year, then Nokia has news for you. Two new additions to its XpressMusic range will be at a store near you sometime from October. 

The Nokia 5320 and Nokia 5220 XpressMusic handsets will have an expected retail price range of between EUR160 to EUR220, before taxes and subsidies.
“Our XpressMusic range of devices continues to deliver the combination of superior music experiences and fresh, innovative designs,” said Nokia vice president Jo Harlow, possibly overstating the basic design.

“Today’s additions to the XpressMusic range up the ante with new ways for consumers to access their media as well as interact and share content with friends and communities anytime, anywhere.”
First up is the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, which the company describes as a “3G social entertainment package”.
“Featuring a dynamic design with 3G social entertainment capabilities, the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic delivers exceptional music and web 2.0 access,” an official Nokia statement said through our headphones.

An innovative voice-controlled ‘Say and Play’ feature lets users say the name of a favourite artist or song to automatically play it. 

The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic also offers:
* Dedicated XpressMusic keys
* 3.5mm audio jack
* Up to 24 hours of playback time
* An audio chip for hi-fi sound quality
* Extendable memory up to 8GB
* HS-USB for fast music transfer
* HSDPA for fast access to data
* Full featured Internet browser
* Access to Ovi and Nokia Search 4.1 to find and share media content
* Dedicated N-Gage gaming keys.

The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic will have an estimated retail price of EUR220 before taxes and subsidies.

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The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, on the other hand, is described by Nokia as “music for the masses”  in “a unique, asymmetrical design”.

A built-in lanyard also features for the first time on a Nokia XpressMusic device, making the device easy to carry anywhere.

Additional features of the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic include up to 24 hours playback time, dedicated XpressMusic keys and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic will hit shops with an estimated retail price of EUR160 before taxes and subsidies.
Both handsets are compatible with the recently launched Nokia Music Store and offer easy music side-loading. 

Nokia Music Store offers more than two million tracks from both major and independent labels, as well as free tracks from T4’s weekly Nokia Green Room show on Channel 4.