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Cisco puts Linksys out of its misery


Linksys officesHappy with your Linksys router? Well pretty soon you'll be happy with your Cisco router instead.

It's not as big a change as you think, because Cisco has owned Linsys since 2003, but didn't bother to change the name because it was popular with the Yanks.

Now the networking firm has decided to kill off the Linksys brand and make all of its products Cisco products.

Leading Linksys behind the barn and pulling the trigger was Cisco CEO John Chambers.

He told European press that the Linksys brand had reached its "end of life".

“In terms of the evolution of the branding it will all come, over time, into a Cisco brand,” Chambers revealed.

The assimilation of Linksys into the Cisco collective signals a wider change to Cisco's overall brand, Chambers said.

“We have changed everything in terms of our logo and our mark, and how we want to be viewed, from the ease of use of our products to differentiation,” he said.

Cisco originally bought Linksys for $500m in 2003 in order to break into the consumer marketplace for networking products.