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Video: Nokia launches N82 smartphone


nokia_n82_lowres_1.jpgNokia may have scored well with its N95 smartphone that does just about
everything apart from cash a Giro, but that doesn’t mean the finns are
resting for the winter in the sauna drinking berry-flavoured vodka, no
sirree! It has officially launched its new N series phone, the N82.

Just like the N95 it has a 5-megapixel camera, featuring a Carl
Zeiss lens and xenon flash. And for those people that don’t want to
carry a camcorder or maybe just get one-up on people with iPhones, the
N82 can record DVD-quality footage and store on the bundled 2GB
microSD card. The card is capable of storing 900 high-res photos or 84
minutes of film.

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As with most phones nowadays, GPS is the new camera, so inevitably
it has GPS and this time has Nokia Maps pre-installed and 15 million
points of interest. (continued next page)


{mospagebreak}It also includes include 802.11g WiFi, HSDPA, 150MB of internal memory, a 2.6-inch QVGA screen and a 3.5mm audio jack.

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Support for the new Nokia Music Store is included, which is part of its social networking thingy called Ovi.

The Nokia N82 is priced at arond £20 if you buy sim-free, which is probably going to be unlikely isn’t it.

And here is a video first look of the new Nokia N82 from the guys at Nokiacreative.