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Back-to-School Countdown Begins: Research Reveals the Perfect Prep Time

DYMO's New Research Highlights the Best Start Date and Parental Stress Ahead of School Reopening


As the summer break draws to a close and the school reopening is on the horizon, a new study conducted by DYMO, a global leader in innovative organizational solutions, offers insights into the optimal time for parents to start prepping their children for the upcoming academic year. The research findings shed light on parental stress levels, shopping habits, and the cost of getting kids ready for school.

According to the study, the 18th of August emerges as the ideal day for parents to kick off their preparations, ensuring ample time to get everything in order before the school bell rings. The poll, which surveyed 1,200 parents with children aged five to sixteen, revealed that parents prioritize purchasing new school uniforms (34%) and breaking in new shoes (56%) as top priorities, with haircuts and stationery shopping taking a backseat until later in the prep timeline.

Surprisingly, the research uncovers that a significant 69% of British parents engage in labeling everything in sight to thwart any misplacements of school supplies. While this meticulous approach helps keep things organized, it also underscores the pressure parents feel in ensuring their children are well-prepared.

Parental stress during this period is palpable, with 25% admitting that prepping for the school year is more nerve-wracking than preparing for Christmas. The survey highlights that 54% of parents struggle to fit all preparations within the limited time before school reopens, resulting in a last-minute rush to check off tasks.

One of the key findings of the study is the financial strain on parents, with the average estimated cost to prepare a child for the new school term amounting to £189. However, parents express concerns over the longevity of the purchased items, as 55% fear that damages and losses might render some of their purchases ineffective throughout the school year.

To alleviate some of the stress and provide a convenient solution, DYMO has introduced the DYMO Bluetooth® Label Maker, available on various platforms including Amazon. This innovative tool assists parents in labeling and organizing school items, streamlining the process and reducing the potential for losses.

Commenting on the research, a spokesperson from DYMO emphasized the importance of organization in easing parental stress, stating, “Our research shows that despite the pressures parents face, they are approaching back-to-school preparations with precision and strategy, tackling priority tasks first and deferring less crucial ones.”

As the back-to-school shopping sprees loom, the research discloses that 58% of parents underestimate the effort required for thorough preparations. A majority (41%) aim to shop at supermarkets, while 20% opt for discount retailers, and 12% prefer online shopping. These shopping sprees can take a toll, with 75% of parents describing the experience of taking their children along as “exhausting.”

As September approaches and children are finally dropped off at school, the study reveals that a staggering 45% of parents experience a palpable sense of relief.

DYMO’s spokesperson concluded, “The relief parents feel once the back-to-school countdown concludes is completely understandable. We recognize the immense effort and organization that go into preparing children for school after a long summer break. Our aim is to ease this pressure by offering simple and effective solutions through our products, facilitating hassle-free organization of workspaces and equipment.”