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Ecoflow River Mini review

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ecoflow river mini portable power station 31907761651876 1024x1024@2x

The Ecoflow River Mini is a small power station with a Lithium-ion battery, 230V socket, various USB connections and charging options. You could also see it as a power bank with a socket or a mobile socket. Because it weighs only 2.8 kg and measures only 24.9 x 14.0 x 13.3 cm, you can take it with you wherever you go. Due to its low weight and handy size, the River Mini is ideal to take with you during trekking trips by bicycle or motorcycle, in the truck or during all your camping adventures.

The battery has a capacity of 210Wh and an output power of 300-600 watts. This makes this power station primarily intended for connecting lighter devices such as cameras, laptops, telephones or lighting. If you want heavier appliances such as a grill, oven or hairdryer, it is better to look further at a heavier Ecoflow model.

230V AC socket

The River Mini has a socket with an output of 230 volts and 300-600 watts. This means that you can continuously load the battery up to 300 watts and that it has a peak load of 600 watts. Thanks to the X-Boost function, devices up to 600 watts can be connected, which are automatically reduced in power to 300 watts. This means that you can use a 600-watt camping kettle, for example, and it will be reduced to 300 watts. As a result, the water will take a little longer to boil, but the River Mini will not take any damage.

Other connections

In addition to the AC output, the River Mini is equipped with a total of 4 USB ports. You can charge portable devices via USB-A fast Charge port or the two standard USB-A ports. Furthermore, 12/24V with a cigarette plug (car connection) can be used via the connection to the right of the display. You will find this connection on many camping devices, navigation systems and car accessories.

Charging Ecoflow River Mini

The River Mini is ideal for off-grid applications because you can charge the battery via solar panels. You can charge the mini via the original 110W solar panel from Ecoflow, but also via panels from other brands. Charging via a 110-watt panel takes about 2-3 hours. Faster charging is possible via the socket, thanks to the X-Stream function, the battery is fully charged in 96 minutes. If it needs to be done quickly, it will go from 0-80% within an hour. Charging on the go is possible via the (optionally available) car charger and via the standard 12/24V cigarette lighter. Ideal if you are on the road by car, camper or truck.

WiFi and app

To get the most out of your River Mini, connect the power station to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi. As soon as you have linked these, the app provides insight into the battery status, charging time, usage time and power. You can also use the app to perform firmware updates, turn the X-Boost function on and off and various other functions. No physical WiFi network or router is required to connect the app because the Ecoflow can connect straight to the device.

It is certainly not necessary to always connect the power station with the app. The most important functions and information can simply be read on the display on the front of the power station. This is a large colour display and shows all necessary information. If you want to use the functions of the River Mini for the full 100%, the app is certainly a handy tool. We recommend that you open the app regularly to see if new firmware updates are available.


This is one of the best portable power stations we have seen this small. It has features that whip most of the competition. The addition of a wireless charging platform more than makes up for the absence of a carrying handle. We like that it has the same hookups for solar power as its bigger relatives. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for an entry-level device to keep on your desk to power your computer or network equipment, with the bonus that you can power various USB devices and wirelessly charge your phone as well.