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Ecoflow River review

Ecoflow River 300x203 1
Ecoflow River 300x203 1

Do you want to be able to charge your electrical tools anytime and anywhere? Do you want to be able to charge your smartphone anytime and anywhere? Or do you want ‘just’ access to energy anytime and anywhere? If you have such a wish, the advice is to aim your arrows at a power station. You can see a power station as a large battery. That also applies to the Ecoflow River. You charge the Ecoflow River via the socket, after which you can take this power station with you everywhere. You can use this power station as an energy source on the way or at your destination. For example, you can connect electrical tools to the power station or charge your smartphone.

Does this appeal to you? And are you interested in buying the Ecoflow River? Then you’ve come to the right place in this Ecoflow River review. In this review, we will introduce you in detail to this Ecoflow power station. We discuss the pros; we discuss the cons, and we look at the experiences of other buyers.
After reading this review, you can immediately decide for yourself: are you going to buy the Ecoflow River or not? In our view, there are at least enough reasons to choose this power station. Are you looking for more information about the Ecoflow River on the internet? Then there is a good chance that you will soon no longer see the forest for the trees.

Are you currently looking for a good power station? And do you prefer not to spend too much money on the power station? Then you may soon have arrived at the Ecoflow River. This power station is well regarded and has a favourable price tag.

Recently we had the pleasure of trying out this power station. During this ‘trial period’ we were incredibly happy with the following benefits:
• This power station is compact and easy to carry
• You can quickly charge this power station
• You can connect many devices to this power station
• The operation of the Ecoflow River is fast and safe
• The operation of this power station is ideal
• The price-quality ratio is very good
• This power station is versatile to use

Compact & easy to carry

When designing a power station, a manufacturer must make important decisions. One of these knots relates to the compactness of the power station. We are pleased to see that Ecoflow has opted for compact dimensions with this power station.
Why is this good for us? Because you can easily take this power station with you due to its compact dimensions. This is not only due to the dimensions but also to the associated weight. This power station weighs only 5 kilograms. Thanks to this minimal weight, you can easily lift this power station in and out of your work bus, for example.
You can also effortlessly find a nice place for this power station on your work bus. Thanks to the dimensions below:
• Height: 19.4 centimetres
• Width : 28.8 centimetres
• Length: 18.5 centimetres
An additional advantage: you can lift this power station easily. This is due to the compact dimensions; this is due to the weight, and this is due to the handy handle. The handle – which you can see in the photos – fits comfortably in the hand. Thanks to this handle, you can enjoy the necessary convenience.

Fast charging

What is your reason for wanting to buy a power station? The nice thing is that this can be for many reasons. For example, you may want to be able to charge your electrical tools or you want to be able to charge your smartphone. Even if you go on holiday with your camper/caravan, for example, a power station comes in handy.
Regardless of what you want to use this power station for, you will enjoy a fast-charging time. You can connect the Ecoflow River to the wall socket, after which this power station is charged to 80% within 60 minutes. The Ecoflow River takes only 1 hour and 40 minutes to cover the remaining 20%. This power station is fully charged in less than 2 hours.
In comparison: comparable power stations sometimes take up to 6 to 7 hours to charge the integrated battery. In our view, this fast-charging time is one of the most important advantages of the Ecoflow River. You can charge this power station in two ways:
• You can connect this power station to a wall outlet. You will receive a special adapter for this, which is also capable of fast charging.
• You can connect this power station with the solar input. Ecoflow has opted for a so-called solar input for this power station. This means that you can charge this power station via a solar panel. If you use a few solar panels, this power station is fully charged within 2 hours via these panels.
Regardless of how you are going to charge the Ecoflow River, you will enjoy an ultimate charging process. This is due to the integrated MPPT charge controller that Ecoflow has chosen.

Suitable for all kinds of devices

Which devices do you want to connect to a power station? At the Ecoflow River, this is not an incredibly special question. It is a fact that you can connect numerous devices and tools to this power station. For example, it is possible to connect smartphones, tablets, drones, small refrigerators, a TV, and a laptop to this device.
In our view, this is also an important advantage. The fact that you can connect all these devices to the Ecoflow River makes this a versatile power station. We would like to come back to that later in this Ecoflow River review.

However, you should take the following into account: you cannot connect heavy/powerful devices to this power station. You can also read more about this subject later in this Ecoflow River review.

Fast and safe operation

As you have already read above, you can quickly charge the Ecoflow River. Do you then plug your phone into the socket of this power station? Even then you are assured of a fast-charging time. Despite the compact design, this power station can deliver a maximum of 1200 watts of output. More than fine as far as we’re concerned.
In terms of safety, the Ecoflow River also scores well. This power station is equipped with special X-boost technology. This technology ensures, among other things, that a pure sinus is always delivered. In this way, this power station can perfectly regulate all energy/current.
Ideal operation
Something we are excited about is the operation of the Ecoflow River. The operation is ideal, thanks to the following factors:
• Display: Ecoflow has installed a clear display on this power station. On this display, you can see, among other things, what the input and output are. These values are shown in watts and volts as well as in amps. You can also see the charging status on this display, and you can set the timer via this display.
• Ecoflow app: it is also possible to control the Ecoflow River via the special Ecoflow app. If you are going to use this app, you can control this power station from a distance. You will also see a lot of valuable information in the app. This way you can see the status of the charging station and what the charging options are.
• WIFI connection: we hardly believed it, but the Ecoflow River also has a WIFI connection. If you connect this power station to your modem/router, you can then operate this power station via your WIFI connection. Convenience serves man!
Excellent value for money
How much money do you want to spend on a new power station? If you look at the current offer, the price tags may immediately disappoint you. For many power stations, you must dig deep into your pocket. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Ecoflow River.
Compared to other power stations, we find the Ecoflow River inexpensive. It is true that you still must spend more than 400 euros on this power station, but we think that is a more than fine price tag. Especially if you compare it to comparable power stations.
We are also pleased with the quality of this power station. As we have come to expect from the River brand, this power station also meets all quality requirements. In concrete terms, this means that you can use the Ecoflow River pleasantly and safely for many years.

Versatile use

As a final advantage, we would like to mention the versatility of the Ecoflow River. In our view, it is possible to use this power station in a versatile way.
So, you can use this power station everywhere. Are you on a trip through Africa and do you always want to have energy at your disposal? Then the Ecoflow River comes in handy. Are you on the road to all your customers all day? With the Ecoflow River, you ensure that you always have electrical tools with a full battery charge at your disposal.
Or do you want to be able to temporarily connect all kinds of devices at home? Even then the Ecoflow River comes in handy. In our view, it is much more convenient to use this power station instead of, for example, an extension cord.
The versatility is also due to the many connections of the Ecoflow River. We have listed the connections for you for an overview:

  • 2 USB A ports
    • 1 USB-C port
    • 1 USB A port for fast charging
    • Cigarette lighter for the car
    • 2 sockets

As you can see, you can connect multiple devices to this device at the same time. We also find the placement of these connections very convenient. At the front of the Ecoflow River are the USB ports and the cigarette lighter. The 2 outlets are located on the side of the Ecoflow River. Because of these placements, you don’t have to worry about cables or cords getting tangled.