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Rapoo XC145 Wireless Charging Pad Review

XC145 3 no adapter removebg preview
XC145 3 no adapter removebg preview

Wireless is everywhere, but only in the last few years as wireless charging gained ground and become mainstream, thanks to the current slew of phones that support wireless charging.

The Rapoo XC145 brings convenience to any workspace, office, bedroom, or living setting. Simply connect the XC145 pad to power at your preferred location and enjoy worry-free charging with no more power cords to check, plug and unplug all the time.

It supports Qualcomm Quick charge 3 technology and is Qi-certified so uses this standard for wireless charging up to 10 Watts of charging as well.

In the package, you also get a country-specific adapter inside the box. We are in the UK, so we have a 3-pin UK adapter. You also get the USB cable inside the box as well now if you’re in another country you will get a country-specific power adapter inside the box.

It’s just an amazingly simple device, it’s quite a slimline charging pad, it’s got a nice curvature to the bottom and some rubberized pads on the bottom as well as USB-c where your USB cable will plugin and then the top it has a rubberized section, so it’s not going to damage the back of your phone. And it will also stop your phone from slipping around too much.

To power up, you plug in a USB-C cable into the base, and then it’s just a simple matter of placing your smartphone on the charging pad and it starts to charge.

On the side there is a green LED light, so it turns green to show that it’s charging and position correctly, and if you just move this around and see red and then green when it starts charging. If it’s off-center or not charging, it’s going to show red and if it is charging then it will indicate green. This is nicely implemented.

Overall, a genuinely nice product and just so convenient to have wireless charging you can put your phone on here and put this on like a bedside table or a kitchen worktop around where you exit your house for example.

Available from Novatech.