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MP Magic Socks review


MP Magic Socks is not a new brand in the sock industry, having launched its first product in 2017. In the past three years, they have become best sellers.

The last in the set is the MP Magic Merino Wool Sports Socks, which the company is confident is the best balance of Merino wool socks and sports socks on the current market.

Manufacturer MP has woven three different metals – silver, copper, and zinc – into its “Magic Socks”. They are supposed to inhibit the growth of bacteria that digest sweat on normally clad feet and thus cause unpleasant odours.

This works well in newer shoes. After several days of running around the local park, the Magic Socks don’t smell freshly washed, but they don’t give off the classic cheese foot smell either.

Compared to socks with medium padding from competitor Falke, the feet heat up a little faster when walking in MP socks and sweat more accordingly.

At least in the sports sector, where clothes are worn rather short and often changed, the question arises as to what real advantage the Magic Socks should offer compared to the competition. Manufacturer MP anticipates this scepticism, but tries to defuse it in the corresponding section on its website (“Why Odourless Matters”) with more social situations: In many countries, you take off your shoes when you are visiting other people; Even when traveling, one is predestined for foot odour.