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Addis unveils Queen of Clean range

Get ready for winter and keep your home sparkling

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DSC09951 Edit scaled

Helping the Nation tidy up and manage homes effectively with products that really work, cleaning sensation Lynsey Crombie – also known as ‘Queen of Clean’ – has joined forces with Addis to produce a stunning new collection of effortless cleaning products that deliver sparkling results.

The ‘Queen of Clean’ new & innovative eco-friendly cleaning tool solutions made with natural bamboo include: SCRUB & WIPE SPONGE, ideal for cleaning troublesome stainless steel. One side of the cloth is designed to scrub clean, whilst the other is perfect to buff with – £3.99 for pack of 4 PLUS BAMBOO SPONGE which can be used with or without product – £1.19 each AND SCRUB & WIPE, colour coded for different jobs around the home… green for clean, yellow for washing up and wiping down, this non-scratch cloth is tough on dirt – yet gentle on all surfaces. Perfect for mopping up and wiping down, the sponge is made from a cellulose composition, which means it will also slowly degrade once disposed of after use – £2.79 for a pack of 2.

Above: pink fold flat basket by Queen of Clean – £15.99