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Kärcher’s Battery Universe review

A new range of cordless garden products could free people from wires

Kärcher HedgeTrimmer Image1
Kärcher HedgeTrimmer Image1

Kärcher has launched a cordless range of garden care and cleaning products as part of the “Kärcher Battery Universe”. It said that this would enable gardeners the freedom to tackle everything from trimming, pruning and cleaning to wet and dry vacuuming.

Kärcher’s Battery Universe products use one interchangeable 18v battery. The battery includes an LED display, which displays the remaining runtime and charge time in minutes, in addition to the remaining battery capacity.

The cordless garden care range features eight new products: a lawnmower, lawn trimmer, hedge trimmer, grass & shrub shears, chainsaw and tree lopper, a pole saw, and leaf blower.

The company sent us that hedge trimmer and chainsaw to test out.

The HE 18 Hedge Trimmer has a diamond-ground blade. Both the 45 and 50 models feature a two-hand safety circuit that means it can’t be started accidentally. The 18-50 model also features a hedge broom and anti-jam system. The HE 18-45 achieves an 18mm cut and the 18-50 achieves a 22mm cut.

The battery was easy to charge and fit. It is y is quick to charge and run time is pretty good. It is a compact machine for the power it puts out, it made short work of the hedge we were trimming as the blades cut through the new growth really easily.

The blade guard was a little tricky to reapply after use, but it is a very important feature to me that it has one.

The CSW 18 Chainsaw is a cordless and adjustable chainsaw that can cut trees, branches and logs.  It features a brushless motor and a 30cm Oregon cutting bar and chain. The dual mechanical and electric brake system make it safe to use anywhere. Weighing in at just 3.2kg, the CSW 18-30 Cordless Chainsaw is lightweight and portable, making it comfortable to use. This made short work on branches we tested.

Both tools can be purchased from https://www.kaercher.com/uk/.