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e-Micro Falcon Electric X3 Scooter review

Electric scooter offers more beyond a mere kid’s toy

01 Micro Falcon 999 95     Micro Scooters scaled
01 Micro Falcon 999 95 Micro Scooters scaled

Scooters are no longer a toy for children on their way to primary school; this mode of transport is fast becoming a favourite of the commuter.

However, for longer distances, a humble push scooter may not be enough, the e-Micro Falcon electric scooter offers an efficient and cheaper alternative to getting in the car to go to work.

The compact and practical scooter is engineered in Switzerland. It features a 500w motor powering the rear wheel, allowing the scooter to reach a top speed of 25km/h and travel a range of up to 10km. It also boasts 4 ride programmes – eco, standard, sport and active.

It also sports brake lights and cruise control. It is also got regenerative charging (this charges the battery when you brake and creates shorter braking distances), a twist grip throttle for braking and acceleration and anti-slip rubber tyres. Using the brake pedal you can change between 4 pre-programmed speed settings.

It also has a fast one-hour recharge time. Four discreet LEDs built into the deck to show the speed setting the rider has chosen and how much charge is left.

When at your destination, this scooter is also fold-able to make it as compact and convenient as possible. The weight of scooter is only 7.9kg. Folded dimensions are 25 x 50 x 80cm (10 x 20 x 32in), while unfolded dimensions are 103 x 50 x 81cm (41 x 20 x 32in).

Overall, we had a lot of fun trying this scooter out. However, the price at £999 may put a few people off from purchasing this beauty. More details can be found at www.micro-scooters.co.uk