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Her Story, Rocket League and Rapture win big at the Baftas

Small is beautiful this year

Her Story Screenshot Floral
Her Story Screenshot Floral

This year’s Bafta Games Awards have been and gone, with the big winners three (relatively) low-budget but acclaimed games.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 won the overall Best Game award, but the real stars were Psyonix’s football-in-cars Rocket League, The Chinese Room’s Archers-meets-John-Wyndham mystery Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Sam Barlow’s police procedural Her Story, walking away with three awards each (Rapture, indeed, was the most-nominated game of the lot, up for ten gongs).

Rocket League won for Multiplayer Game, Family Game and Sport Game.  Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture won for Music, Audio Achievement and Best Performance for Merle Dandridge’s turn as Kate Collins.  Her Story, meanwhile, picked up Best Mobile Game, Game Innovation, and Best Debut Game.

All other games had to make do with one award each.  Aside from Fallout 4, the rest of the wins shook out thusly:

Artistic Achievement – Ori and the Blind Forest

Best British Game – Batman: Arkham Knight

Best Original Property – Until Dawn

Persistent Game – Prison Architect

Best Game Design – Bloodborne

Best Story – Life is Strange

Ones to Watch – Sundown

Additionally, legendary id Software co-founder John Carmack picked up a Bafta Fellowship and Smite grabbed the AMD eSports Audience Award.

While celebrating the well-deserved winners (well, maybe not Batman, we’re still scarred by those flipping Batmobile stealth sections), spare a thought for poor old The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which managed the slightly embarrassing feat of seven nominations and no wins.  We reached out to Geralt of Rivia for a comment, but he was too busy slaying a monster/wooing a lady/playing slightly too much Gwent.