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Y-Cam HomeMonitor HDS Camera review

Home security from the cloud

y cam HDS
y cam HDS

We all need to feel safe in the knowledge that our homes are secure, especially around Christmas. But a security camera can certainly bring a load of benefits in giving you and your family piece of mind.

The Y-cam HomeMonitor HDS include free online cloud recording of motion detected videos for the last 7 days, video downloads and remote live view from a smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. It also offers Location Recording, On-Demand Recoding and ClipSave at no additional cost.

Location recording automatically disables the camera’s motion recording on arriving home, and enables recording when leaving, based on the location of the owner’s smartphone. Its On Demand Recording record clips directly from live view at the touch of the button.

The camera works over Wi-Fi, but requires a wired connection with the router for the initial setup. After a few problems getting the camera to talk to the HomeMonitor server we were up and ready. It works using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks but doesn’t support dual-band wireless network.

Software setup is carried out via HomeMonitor HD’s Y-cam website and took us less than two to three minutes to get up and running.

Fixing it to a wall is relatively easy with two screws to hold it in place. The camera can then be adjusted to get it in the right position. You will also need to ensure that you have power to the camera, without it it would be an expensive ornament.

The camera pictures can be accessed via a browser or app on a smartphone. IT starts recording when it senses movement, so by a busy road this will be working pretty much all the time. The camera’s 30 infrared LEDs allow you to see night-time details up to 50 feet away.

The image quality is great and has night vision too. It will set you back around £130 from Amazon, but this is money well spent if you want to avoid a break-in.