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Invstr update crowdsources finance wisdom


Stock investment app Invstr has issued a major update for iOS and Android users, making the app a much more sociable and wiser way to go about business.

The new update enables users to make a price prediction with a single tap, directly access detailed information for each financial instrument, view charts of the future and share opinions, in a single thread. You can even open up a chat window with a user and discuss stock prices.

As well as the social integration, Invstr also gives aspiring investors a wealth of on demand financial data; in-depth news and live market data, to make you’re your making a cracking investment.

Invstr is a unique crowd sourced app that predicts the prices of individual stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities, enabling investors to see real-time price predictions, status updates from their contacts.


As the app is free, it’s not too much to say that heading over to the Android or Apple app store to check it out might just be a smart investment in itself…