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Skullcandy GRIND headphones review


Headphones, and we mean good quality headphones, usually cost an arm and a leg if you want the sound to be any good. Skullcandy promises to give you great sound for a very reasonable price.

To do this, the cans have been stripped back to basics. But basics doesn’t mean it looks bad or is uncomfortable to wear.

Skullcandy GRIND design

The design of the headphones has a metal headband and faux leather soft padding on the cups which fit over the ears well, are comfortable and can be worn for hours. The brushed metal frame gives the cans a premium look without the premium price.

The rest is completely functional with no need for unnecessary styling. Although, this also means that you can’t fold up the headphones and stick them in your handbag when you are not using them.

The headphones themselves come in a variety of colours, so a listener can find their own style.

Skullcandy GRIND sound and performance

Sound-wise, the Grind headphones sport a pair of customer-tuned REX40TM drivers. These give out a well balanced sound. Bass and mid-range are great and can cope with a wide variety of music in our tests. Admittedly, if you whack the sound up, there is a small amount of leakage.

A button on the headphones, dubbed TapTech can skip through tracks, but can be a little over-sensitive and lead to accidently pausing and skipping of tracks. Not only is the remote built into the headphones, so is a microphone. The TapTech button also lets you take calls as well.


The headphones boast great sound, which is even better considering you can buy these for less than £50. While is it no Bose or Sennheiser, you’d have to spend a lot more to get headphones that sound this good.