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Forbrain Brain Trainer review

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The voice you hear when talking is not the voice that others hear. SO it can be a little disconcerting when you playback recording of your dulcet tones! (This writer can’t get over the fact that his voice makes him sound like the illegitimate offspring of Ken Livingstone and Custard the Cat).

This device promises you that you will be able to hear your voice in the same way that others hear you. The Forbrain device is actually a set of bone conducting headphones. These work by vibrating sound through the skull rather than through the ears.

The raison d’etre for the device is to teach your brain how to better process how you speak. When a person hears themselves speak normally, the sound has resonated through their head and reached the ears via bone conduction, rather than air conduction. Sound travels through facial bones about ten times faster than it does through the air, which is why a person’s voice sounds different to them when they hear it on a recording. The brain typically puts all of the information it receives together via sensory integration, which is a crucial part of phonological awareness, or the comprehension of language.

The device is said to improve one’s speech. Simply speak through the headset a few minutes a day and this will somehow improve your speech. Fobrain uses transducers that are placed on the facial bones just outside the ears. The sound resonates through the facial bones, which the brain then processes via sensory integration into crystal clear speech.

After a few weeks of using this we were pleasantly surprised by how our own voices focused us better and made us more aware of not only what we were saying, but how we were saying it.

It would be great if the device came with an instructor’s manual and some specific training material with the headset. This would help in tracking progress and give a better outline of how to improve tone, clarity, volume, enunciation, and pronunciation of speech.

It’s a great tool for helping us speak better and could help those with speech impediments or other problems.